1:1 Relationship and Communication Skill Coaching

1:1 Relationship and Communication Skill Coaching


I hope you find something useful while browsing around. Watch this video to see what was the mindset shift that helped me find love. 🙌


Love is the essence of life. We all crave it. We do things out of love, for love, or because of lack of love. 

You worked so hard, so why aren't you happy in love

Perhaps, you hoped that that part of life would work itself well just like the other parts. Perhaps you thought that being nice, successful, and reasonably attractive would lead to happiness in love. But you are faced with feeling frustrated and confused wondering why things are not working for you. 

Many women just focus on other things and continue being unhappy in their love life for years, sometimes decades. And, maybe that's for the best at that time. We can accomplish amazing things in careers, education, our community, and so on. 

But the time comes when we are faced with this emptiness in our hearts and we feel we need to change something. 

We may be unhappy as singles or when we are in a relationship and love our partner

It could be that you are still single, but you would really like to have a loving partner. Or perhaps you have a partner, but you are unhappy and don't know what to do. 

Our families or schools don't teach us about romantic relationships. We learn how to get along and be nice people, but that's not enough for optimal functioning in romantic relationships. 

In order to be ready for a relationship you want you need to be aware of your feelings and beliefs. Some of these feelings and beliefs are deeply rooted in your childhood, past relationships, or cultural upbringing. And, I'll tell you many of these beliefs and feelings are not serving you well when it comes to love. 

Do you feel like you have to earn love

If you are like thousands of modern women, you may be trapped feeling that you need to earn love. Maybe your parents praised you when you did something right, something that pleases them. With their best intentions, they raised a high achieving woman, who always feels that she needs to prove herself. 

These kinds of feelings are accompanied by limiting beliefs that don't align with your desire to be loved and accepted exactly as you are. While you are trying to do everything right to get the love you want, your limiting beliefs and feelings don't allow you to ease into a happy relationship. 

Understanding and appreciating yourself will help you get love

In my work with clients, I help them learn how to be mindful of their emotions and beliefs. I teach them mindfulness techniques that help them stay attuned to their own feelings and beliefs. 

Your emotions are important because they provide information about yourself and how you show up in relationships.  They also help you understand your partner and be attuned to what they are feeling. 

Revising your limiting beliefs is essential if you want to be happy in love 

I also teach my clients meditation techniques that help them create new beliefs that are more aligned with their goals. These techniques are powerful, and they allow you to change those negative beliefs and feelings deep down. Instead of just knowing you are worthy of love, you can feel and believe it deep down, with every cell of your body. 

Feeling the beliefs deep down in your body and soul is essential because beliefs are not just in our heads. If you are like my clients, you know you are attractive, kind, and deserving of love, but you may not be able to feel this way. 

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I know you are interested in my rates. 

My hourly rate is $216 if you book individual sessions. My sessions are up to 60 minutes. 

If you buy  5 sessions in advance, you can get the sixth one for free. That's 1080 for six sessions. 

You can get 12 sessions for 1800. This way you get more than 3 sessions for free. 

I know that paying for relationship coaching is an investment, but the benefits are priceless. The transformation you can get is life long.

If you are eager to see the results and ready to work, I would like to hear from you. 

In addition to my time, I also provide you with guides that you need to succeed. 

After every session, I will send you a written guide of what you need to work on for that week. 

Most of my clients meet their goals within those 6 or 12 sessions. That is of course if they complete the homework regularly and open themselves up to the process. 





4 Modules

What to expect when working with me

I know it's not easy to sign up for relationship coaching. After all, you are not buying a little chachki in a souvenir shop. That's why I want to describe how working with me would potentially be. This mini-course is exactly about that. 

It's important that you feel comfortable and that you feel that I can help you. It has to be the right fit. 

Get Ready for Love-Coaching for Singles


I know it can be overwhelming and kinda scary to book a session and start working on the mindset that will help you get the love you crave. 

But, you don't have to commit at all. This is why I offer 30-minute initial consultations, so you and I can figure out what's the best path for you. 

Click below to book a free 30-minute consultation, so we can see what kind of skills would be helpful in your relationships. 

Resurrect Your Relationship-Coaching for Those in a Relationship

If you are struggling in a relationship with your partner, there are many things you can do to resurrect your relationship.

There are ways in which you can communicate with him that will resonate with him instead of becoming defensive. 

Communication Scripts-How to Handle the Most Annoying Issues in Dating or Relationships

Do you find yourself feeling icky when your partner does or says something that bothers you, but you wind up keeping quiet about it? Or perhaps, you try to communicate with him, but he just starts a fight with you. 

If you answered any of these questions with yes, you will find this resource useful. 

Learn how to communicate your dissatisfaction in different situations, so you don't have to feel icky anymore. 

This will help you build a deeper bond with your man rather than perpetuating same old arguments. 

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