1:1 Relationship and Communication Skill Coaching What to expect when working with me Let's talk money

Let's talk money

Hey , I know you are curious about my rates. 

My hourly rate is $216 if you book individual sessions. My sessions are up to 60 minutes. 

If you buy  5 sessions in advance, you can get the sixth one for free. That's 1080 for six sessions. 

You can get 12 sessions for 1800. This way you get more than 3 sessions for free. 


Transformation can be fast and liberating 

I know that paying for relationship coaching is an investment, but the benefits are priceless. The transformation you can get is life long.

If you are eager to see the results and ready to work, I would like to hear from you. 

In addition to my time, I also provide you with guides that you need to succeed. 

After every session, I will send you a written guide of what you need to work on for that week. 

Most of my clients meet their goals within those 6 or 12 sessions. That is of course if they complete the homework regularly and open themselves up to the process. 

That means that they start applying the skills we work on in practice, in the field. They are ready to wet their feet in the dating pool, or they begin using the skills with their partners. 

There is nothing more potent than applying these skills and seeing the results right away. That makes your learning so much faster and more powerful. 


Are we the right fit

Another critical aspect, , is your ability to be completely transparent with me. This will help you get faster results.

Judgment free zone

And for that, you need to feel comfortable with me and trust me. Well, for the starters, I want you to know that our space is secure and judgment-free. I've worked with hundreds of people throughout my career, and everything that you may go through is not foreign to me.

It's quite likely that I've gone through a similar struggle in my life. You know, we are driven to work with people who have similar struggles that we do. So, please feel free to share things with me even if you feel shame about them. 

Unfortunately, shame is one of the most common feelings even when we are not responsible for our situation. I want you to know that I don't judge you even when you judge yourself. 💞 

Your secrets are safe with me

I believe if you know about my privacy policies, you will feel more at ease. As I'm trained as a therapist, I follow the same guidelines in my coaching. In other words, your private information and everything we talk about is protected.

I do share some stories from my clients in my educational materials, but I always protect their personal information. I never share any information that can potentially point to the identity of my clients.  


Are you confident about my abilities to help you

That means that you trust me and have faith that I can help you with your goals. I'll tell you; I'm confident that I can help you. The methods that I use are helped hundreds of my clients since I started practicing. 

I've been a skilled clinician since 2006. I utilize my knowledge and clinical experience to develop coaching methods that helped dozens of my clients. Besides regular education such as a masters degree in clinical psychology with the emphasis on marriage and family therapy, I regularly attend advanced courses that help me develop my skills further. 

In addition to utilizing proven methods, I'm very attuned to my clients and their needs, feelings, mindset, etc. I carefully tailor my interventions to fit each individual. I meet my clients where they are. This in itself, provides a healing experience. 

The biggest question is do we align. Do we have the same philosophy about life? Do you feel that I get you as you read about me? That's when you can feel confident that I'm right for you specifically. 

You can learn more about me in the next lesson.  And, there is still no need to jump into anything. You can book a free chat with me and see how it feels to work together. 





Lesson Activity

Think about what you need from a coach to feel comfortable to work with them. 



3 Lessons

What to expect when working with me

I know it's not easy to sign up for relationship coaching. After all, you are not buying a little chachki in a souvenir shop. That's why I want to describe how working with me would potentially be. This mini-course is exactly about that. 

It's important that you feel comfortable and that you feel that I can help you. It has to be the right fit. 

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