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Welcome to Be Here & Now Relationship Academy! In this free resource hub, you can find all of my free content (I'll be adding more good stuff as it happens) and even unlock special bonus content, offers and more. 

I'm so excited that you're here!

Also, this site is mobile friendly so you can check it out on the go from your phone, or from your tablet or computer. You can also bookmark it on your phone's desktop. 

If you have ANY questions, be sure to hit me up via the chat window in the bottom right of your screen or email me at djl@behereandnow.com.


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1:1 Relationship and Communication Skill Coaching

Sometimes we all need extra support. Relationships are especially challenging. There are no relationship universities. The world teaches us to behave in the way it works for them, so we can be nice and fit in.

However, when it comes to love, we often end up feeling confused and wondering, "What the @#$%$?! I've done everything right, and I still don't have the relationship I love.  

You may be able to attract amazing men, but as soon as they start getting closer to you, you may start freaking out and finding faults with them. Or, maybe you get attracted to guys that are not ready or able to give you the love you truly want? 

Many women feel unworthy of the love they crave. I find this to be one of the main underlying issues that prevent us from enjoying romance.

I offer coaching to help you confidently embrace love from the right partner.


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The Ex-Files: Move on and Embrace the Future

Do you find yourself comparing any new guy you meet with your ex? You still may be yearning for him forgetting the reasons why he is the ex. 

Or perhaps, you are so mad at him, that you tell everyone what a horrible person he was.  Then, when you meet new guys you may expect them to be just as bad as he was. 

In either of these cases, it's gonna be hard to create a good connection with a new man. 

It's important to be aware of your feelings and be able to put your past relationship behind, so you can be free of the emotional baggage when you pursue new love. 

This course is designed to help you learn and grow from your past relationships. 


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Self-Love Revolution: Turn to Your Anger to Get the Love You Want


They tell you "Be yourself" when they give you dating advice. It's excellent advice, but how can you be yourself if you have a hard time being in touch with your emotions. 

We, women, are raised to be attuned to others, so we can be nice girls and make sure everyone else around us is comfortable. 

When we pouted and cried in anger, they told us that we are not as pretty. We learned to suppress anger and keep plowing through with a smile. 

So, how can you be yourself? Who are you? How can you communicate with your partner, when you don't have access to your authentic emotions? 

Learning how to recognize, accept, and process your anger will help you gain confidence and be able to be in touch with your emotions in general.  

I designed this course to help you get in touch with your anger, process it, and access deeper emotions. When you access these emotions, you will be able to communicate authentically with your partner or attract the right partner that will be attracted to you just the way you are. 


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Feel Worthy of Love You Deserve-Guided Meditation 

Confidence and self-love are the most essential aspects you need for creating a happy relationship. If you are unable to feel worthy of love, it's gonna be hard to enjoy a happy relationship even if you have the most attentive and loving partner. 

I've created this meditation to help you with these internal obstacles. 

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Drop Into Your Body Guided Mediation

They tell you, "Be yourself," when you are dating. It's excellent advice, but...What does it mean? You are yourself...

Are you tired of people telling you to be authentic, when you know you are not a fake person? 

Well, there is more to being authentic than it meets the eye. In order to be authentic, you need to be in touch with yourself, who you are, what your emotions, desires, and boundaries are. 

You also need to be unafraid that someone will not like you when you show up. This fear comes from the notion that we are not enough as we are or that we are too much as we are.

We, women, are usually driven to overfunction and try to make everyone else feel comfortable. Thus we learned to suppress our true self and modify our behaviors, expressions, and communication to be acceptable to others, to fit in. 

In order to do that, we had to cut off a part of our being. We can accomplish this by leaving our body and inhabiting only our head. When we do this, emotional wounds are created. 

Our body keeps all those emotions stored so that we can continue our "high functioning" in our head. That's why we have issues with health, posture, tension, and so on. 

On the other hand, our body also carries all the positive emotions and experiences. It can be a powerful ally in our healing process. 

But how can you access it? It's not easy to just start "being in your body," when you've been out of it for so long. 

This is why I created Drop Into Your Body Guided Meditation. 

This is a body scan practice that will help you gradually be more aware of your body, emotions, desires, boundaries, and so on. When you start inhabiting your body more, you will be able to be more confident, and your communication can be more effective. 

You can understand how helpful this is when it comes to your confidence, relationships, dating, and so on. This awareness will help you understand yourself, others, and express yourself from self-love rather than from resentment that your needs aren't met. 

Caution! This practice is powerful. It can bring some old emotions and memories to awareness. If you have severe untreated trauma, doing meditation, mindfulness practices, or body scan can be triggering. If these kinds of practices are new to you, please consult your therapist or psychiatrist. I don't recommend doing this on your own in that case. 

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