Drop Into Your Body Guided Mediation

If you are like all of us, you've come across various dating advice. Some are OK, others are meh, and some are just plainly HORRIBLE. 

One thing we all keep hearing is that we should "be ourselves." It's one of the best and the worst advice in my opinion. It's just like that clock that doesn't work, so it's the most accurate (at least twice a day). 

It's true, being ourselves on a date is the best thing you can do, but it's so abstract. 

We women have been groomed to modify who we are, so we can function well in society. "Functioning well" meant, we kept everyone around us happy.  Of course, nobody can do that, but we are trying perpetually.

We've learned that our emotions, opinions, and desires may upset others, so we figured out how to avoid them. We had to cut off a big part of self to keep functioning. 

Not inhabiting our body and staying in our heads, helped us survive and accomplish all those things we are proud of. 

Our body keeps all those emotions stored so that we can continue our "high functioning" in our head. That's why we have issues with health, posture, tension, and so on. 

On the other hand, our body also carries all the positive emotions and experiences. It can be a powerful ally in our healing process. 

But how can you access it? It's not easy to just start "being in your body," when you've been out of it for so long. 

This is why I created Drop Into Your Body Guided Meditation. 

This is a body scan practice that will help you gradually be more aware of your body, emotions, desires, boundaries, and so on. When you start inhabiting your body more, you can be more confident, and your communication can be more effective. 

You can understand how helpful this is when it comes to your confidence, relationships, dating, and so on. This awareness will help you understand yourself, others, and express yourself from self-love rather than from resentment that occurs when your needs aren't met. 

Practicing this meditation is the first step towards finding yourself again and uncovering your emotional intelligence. 

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