From a Seeker to a Generous Queen-A Mindset Reset for Confidence

Are you tired of wondering what's up with that one guy who hasn't called you for three weeks? You thought he liked you, but now you think that you need to move one, and that's the last thing you want to do. You feel it takes so much time to meet someone that you like and that likes you back. 

Have you ever wonder how is it that some women have multiple suitors while others wait by the phone. What differentiates those women from the rest of us? 

Are they more beautiful, witty, fun, accomplished... 

The fact is that there are so many attractive women with all those qualities that struggle in romantic relationships just as you do. 

One thing that these women have is confidence and the way they position themselves. Confidence is such a cliche term, and I will give you that, but there are so many aspects of it. 

I identified two things that you can shift that will help you have significantly better results when it comes to dating. 

Confident women 

  • Go after what they want 
  • They position themselves as someone that is choosing instead of being chosen 

So in this course, I will demystify how you too can be confident and be much more successful when it comes to dating. 

You will learn how to be more proactive and how to position yourself, so you can feel confident. 

Join me and awaken your inner generous queen. 

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