The Course of True Love

The Course of True Love is a unique group coaching that helps high achieving, professional, and entrepreneurial women meet quality men interested in commitment in 90 days without heartbreak, overthinking, or falling for wrong men, so they can create genuine, secure love in a healthy relationship. 

No more situationships, dead-end relationships for you. Imagine having multiple suitors that will do the work to be with you instead of you wondering and feeling confused about where the relationship is going. 

Yes! This is what we are doing. You can feel empowered and excited about your love life. 

12 Modules

Before Anything

Congratulations !

You are on the way to the love of your dreams. I know this because I've created this program with the intent to help you feel competent and confident when it comes to love, dating, and relationships. 

The skills that I teach here are not your ordinary dating or relationship advice. Advice may be OK in some instances, but giving it blindly without knowing the whole situation can be tricky. The same advice can be perfect for one person, and completely wrong for the other. 

That's why The Course of True Love provides you with the tools that will help you uncover and sharpen your emotional intelligence, increase your confidence, and help you manage the nerves related to dating and communicating with guys. 

I'm pretty sure you know how valuable and loveable you are, but if you are like most women, you may not feel like that. You are most likely nervous and worried if a guy will like you. It feels like you need to compete. 

Do you ever read old romance novels or poems and think how today's guys are just not romantic like that? You don't have to wonder anymore where all the poets are nowadays. 

You too can feel like a muse (even if you guy isn't a poet). You know what else? You can feel like a muse even if you don't have a guy yet. Now, that's cool, and that's when the magic starts happening. 



Overview of The Course of True Love

Let's see what this program is about. You will get the overview of what we will be learning and practicing on the path of true love. 

Self-Sabotage Liberation Guide

Let's see how high-achieving women just like you are able to understand where their limiting beliefs about love come from while increasing their self-understanding  without negative self-judgment, heartbreak, or overthinking.  

Please pay close attention to this module because it is going to help you along the whole program. These skills will not only help you when you are dating and in romantic relationships, but they are gonna give you strength in all your relationships, with children, coworkers, and in life in general. 

Relationship Success Mindset

The purpose of this module is to help you become ready to date with purpose while becoming more aware of your personal power and attractiveness in romantic relationships. 

Couture Love Plan

Let's define how you want to be loved while improving your clarity of what you want in your relationship without feeling unworthy. 

Love Building Communication

Learn to communicate effectively with men while building powerful attraction and emotional connection without frustration or feeling unheard. This kind of communication will also serve you as the litmus test because you will see how they respond to your communication. 

The Right Partner Radar

We will figure out the ways to know who's the right partner for you while improving your inner-knowing without overthinking and doubt. 

Men's Mind Manual

How to understand men's deeper emotional needs in a relationship while gaining your sense of empowerment without feeling misunderstood or frustrated. 

Healthy Relationship Blueprint

You will learn how to transition from dating to a healthy relationship with a right partner while increasing your self-esteem

Nurturing Secure Love

Finally, it's time to feel happy and secure in your love while improving your emotional intimacy without doubting your relationship

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