When You Love Too Hard-Dating and Relationships for Women with Anxious Attachment Style

4 Modules

Anxious Attachment Style

In this module, you will learn 

  • What anxious attachment style is and how it affects adult relationships 
  • How shame about our needs perpetuates anxious attachment style and disfunctions in relationships
  • How understanding yourself and your emotions can help improve your relationships 
  • Anxious-avoidant trap that keeps you and your partner repeating the same dysfunctional patterns 

Overfunctioning in Relationships

Overfunctioning is one of the major consequences of anxious attachment style. In this module, you will learn about what causes you to overfunction. This awareness is a big part or the work you need to do if you want to enjoy emotional intimacy with your partner. 

Stop Over-Functioning and Enjoy Dating and Relationships

In this module, I will show you how you too can start transitioning towards secure attachment and happiness in relationships. Once you learn how to manage triggers that make you overfunction, you can slow down, enjoy dating and relationships, and make the right choices in a partner. 

Final Reflections

Let's reflect on everything we learned. It will hep you reinforce the transformation that will ultimately lead you to your ultimate destination, a relationship with a partner that deserves your heart. 

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