Feel Worthy of Love You Deserve-Guided Meditation 

If you are lonely and looking to find a partner or improve your relationship with your current partner, you are in a good place. 

You see, in order to have a happy and healthy relationship, it's not enough to be a good communicator, be a nice person. or know the ins and outs of modern dating. 

One of the main obstacles to happiness in love and relationships for most of my clients is a deep-rooted internalized belief that they are not worthy of love. 

I know you are an intelligent woman, and you know you are worthy, loveable, and attractive. But, if you are like the most of today's women, you will not feel it deep down on a cellular level. 

When I say, "a cellular level," I mean you will not feel confident, and be able to enjoy that feeling in your body and mind. Due to our upbringing and focus on being productive and high achieving, we've developed a sense that we need to prove ourselves to be worthy of love. 

This kind of mindset is in a direct contradiction to your deepest desire, to love and be loved for all you have to offer exactly the way you are. 

This is why I created Feel Worthy of Love You Crave guided meditation. I utilize mindfulness techniques that can help you integrate your mind, body, emotions, and intellect. 

If you practice it regularly, it will help you internalize what you already know; YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE. 

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Feel Worthy of Love You Crave-Guided Meditation 

It's great that you understand how important your feelings are. The fact is that we all crave love, but sometimes we are not ready to receive it. 

If you don't understand how fabulous and absolutely adorable you are, it's gonna be hard to attract the right partner. Even if you attract him, you may not be attracted to him. 

Similarly, if you are in a relationship, your partner may be so eager to give you his heart, but it may be hard for you to receive it. 

If you are like millions of modern women, you were raised to feel that you have to prove yourself. You get the attention when you do well in school or when you share your toys with siblings, and so on. 

Our nervous system is trained to seek rewards and approval. That's why we perform the tasks that we feel will get us there. 

On the other hand, you are missing that pure deep unconditional love. You may have people that love you, but you may struggle to feel that love. 

This is why I created Feel Worthy of Love Your Crave meditation. It will help you learn how to open up to feeling that love. 

Practice this meditation regularly, and you will see the difference. 

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