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Self-Love Revolution-Express Your Emotions and Capture His Heart  

Learn how to access and understand your emotions, then practice communication so you can build an emotional connection with your partner instead of starting WWIII. 

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Self-Love Revolution-Express Your Feelings and Capture His Heart

I designed this course to help you understand and access your emotions, so you can communicate effectively and authentically. 

 Once you understand your emotions and needs, you can attract the right partner and create a deeper bond in your relationship. 

This course is for both those who are in a relationship and those who are looking for love. It will help you communicate in ways that will reach your partner's heart.


Let's Meet Mr. Right: Understand Emotional Needs of a High-Value Man

How would your life be if you could understand men? Imagine never having to wonder what's up with the guy you met three weeks ago who hasn't called you. 

Well, once you understand men's deep emotional needs, you will fee much more empowered to create sparks of attraction and a deep emotional connection with the right kind of men, those that are equally interested in commitment and lasting relationship. 

Communication Scripts-How to Handle the Most Annoying Issues in Dating or Relationships

There are probably many instances when you feel uneasy about something that your partner says, does, doesn't say, or doesn't do. And, you just don't know how to communicate. 

In this course, I will give you the scripts that will help you understand the situation and communicate effectively, so you can build a powerful attraction instead of starting arguments. 

From a Seeker to a Generous Queen-A Mindset Reset for Confidence

Change your mindset from a woman who tries to make herself likable to one that remembers that she has the most precious treasure to share with one lucky person. 

Here is the deal. You are looking for love, but even more importantly, you are looking for someone safe to love because you are a queen with the most precious treasure to give, your heart, and your time.

Once you know your value, dating and relationships become much easier 

Drop Into Your Body Guided Mediation

This is a body scan practice that will help you gradually be more aware of your body, emotions, desires, boundaries, and so on.

When you start inhabiting your body more, you will be able to be more confident, and your communication can be more effective. 

Academy Resource Hub

Whether you are single or in a relationship these courses will help you. 

Learn about

  • limiting beliefs that prevent you from enjoying your love life
  • how to communicate with your partner to reach his heart, so he doesn't feel attacked 

The Ex-Files: Move on and Embrace the Future

This course is designed to help you learn and grow from your past relationships, so you can pursue new love with more awareness, so your new relationship will be healthier. 



Feel Worthy of Love You Deserve-Guided Meditation 

Confidence and self-love are the most essential aspects you need for creating a happy relationship. If you are unable to feel worthy of love, it's gonna be hard to enjoy a happy relationship even if you have the most attentive and loving partner. 

I've created this meditation to help you with these internal obstacles. 

1:1 Relationship and Communication Skill Coaching

Sometimes the most amazing women wind up confused and frustrated when it comes to love. 

I offer relationship coaching to help you confidently embrace love from the right partner. Check it out. 


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